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Grab customers’ attention
Draw eyes to your key messages
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run by VC-backed startup founders


Gain confidence in paid ads

You want to know your spend is going into marketing that performs. We start small and prove each aspect of your ads to give you that assurance.

Find your path to scale

You want to ramp up your customer base so we design and write the ads that get more of your audience to take action.

Personalised messaging 

Come across as the company they want to be with. Avoid lazy “one size fits” messaging that your competitors are using.

Leverage your marketing budget

Make your marketing spend gain you more customers and attention. It’s all too easy to pour your budget down Google’s gullet as if your customers are nowhere to be seen.



Perfect for seed to series A

Use design they can relate and aspire to so you win over your audience and gain more customers.





+ ad spend

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  • Ad design for 4 themes
  • Landing page design for 4 themes
  • Ad test management
    Landing page setup
Data shared from: 5 days

How does it work


It starts with your personas. We’ll look to understand who your customers are and what drives them.


Then, we’ll dig into what you do for them. What problems do you solve or how do you enable their aspirations?


Next, we’ll mould that into four visual styles that speak to your audience across a landing page and four test ads.


Finally, ad tests will validate which theme is best with follow-up sets to continue improving your conversions.

Alex went above and beyond when he was brought in to help the Shift brand. He and his team were able to help from the large scale out of home campaigns all the way to helping us to grow our conversion rate. I couldn't recommend him and his team enough!"
Jon Cull

Marketing Manager


Want sales? Let’s carve out your visual identity now.

You need visual support with your landing pages and ad copy that really looks the part.

With our inclusive package, we’ll create a design style for your audience and tailor ads you’ll want to show off.

With this bundle, you’ll get eye-popping visual designs on 4 bespoke landing pages aligned to 4 validated ad designs. And we’ll mix in end-to-end ad test management to make sure you understand what worked to drive conversations amongst your target audience.

Great copy is important, but you need a visual style that will grab their attention before they’ll ever read a word. And that’s where we come in. Once you’ve nailed your ads with our Hook and Attract packages you’ll want to test your message on other channels with Meet.

Based on your target monthly spend we will decide a daily budget and campaign timeframe to meet the minimum audience volume needed to validate hypotheses made.

We recommend a minimum £1000 spend per design theme and typically test up to 3 ad variations on a theme per monthly package cycle. We recommend this to ensure any audience biases that will naturally occur in small audience sets can be eliminated.


How long does a contract with Nexo Studio run?
What platforms can we use the package on?
How often will you be in touch?
Do I need to have used another package with you first?

We're different

Our results-focused approach is, among others:

Agile method

As a startup you want to move fast and not be wasteful which is how we run ads.

Proven in market

We’ll get straight to the customer so there’s no waiting around for expensive research that doesn’t ring true with live customers.

On demand

Switch on with us when you like, pause when you need. Monthly rolling contracts give you that freedom.

Bespoke Creativity

We’ll highlight your business for its unique solution in our creative way.

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