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We believe in creativity, the power of startups and their potential.
We know our thing, and when it comes to your marketing we are unapologetically committed to its success.

Grocery marketplace marketing ppc work case study

in my tum

We found explosive growth through PPC for online grocery marketplace In My Tum. This startup has achieved a CPA of £2 which freed marketing budget to test additional channels in social and email. 




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Vape start up marketing case study

flavour vapour

From one stall in a market, We helped grow this into an e-commerce brand with multiple storefront locations and one website at the centre of both wholesale and consumer orders.




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Funded start up marketing campaign our agency worked on


Grew on-demand moving marketplace Shift from pre-seed using digital advertising. Our rapid test and refine methods optimised the account to make instant return on first booking allowing the company to scale up to deploy above the line campaigns and become a household brand.


9 Campaigns

CTR Uplift


Startup marketing with google shopping paid ads

handy straps

From a bedroom startup based solely around Ebay and Amazon sales, to a multi revenue machine through website and online orders generated from online advertising consisting of google ads/google shopping feed integration.




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Shift is a service that could be used by almost anyone. You can book a van and helper to move pretty much anything you aren’t able to transport yourself. That allowed the early stage growth of the company to come from messaging that didn’t talk to any one group of users. This became more of an issue when looking to expand their marketing channel mix and gain greater returns from talking to the right audience the right way.

Work done

So given the desire to unlock more potential customer acquisition streams, we set about working with their in-house team to produce a set of personas they could lean on for messaging and also help steer product direction. This started with an initial workshop with their marketing manager to pull out all of the traits, goals and frustrations he felt each type of customer had. We broke the customer base out into 4 personas to begin with: Dan, Amy, Joe and Deborah. From that initial set of hypotheses we agreed to run digital surveys to both the general public and later layered in customer feedback. The information came through asking questions such as: Have you ever moved a large item from a friend's house to your place? Have you ever used a courier company to move large items? How soon between collecting the item and receiving the delivery do you need? This gave us the confidence to update our assumptions about our group of personas and get into dividing up our Google Ad groups accordingly.

She belonged to our group of home move customers. Meticulous in her planning while still craving efficiency we set out the following kind of ad headlines to run to a unique ‘Home Move’ landing page.

On the other hand Joe really has no interest in the ins and outs as he just wants a way to collect his latest purchase from Marketplace. We set up a new ad group that had not previously been running for him labelled Furniture using ads like the ones shown here.


From even this level of basic tailoring we saw our Home move ads outperform the previous campaign average by 3X which was the validation we needed to show we’ve got an audience that reacts well to messaging created bespoke for them. Joe’s Furniture collection ad and Amy’s Home move quote in minutes ad were able to go live and convert at a rate competitive with the other top performing ads in the campaign which again for us was validation of this target audience.

Customer feedback

"Alex went above and beyond when he was brought in to help the Shift brand. He and his team were able to help from the large scale out of home campaigns all the way to helping us to grow our conversion rate. I couldn't recommend him and his team enough!"

Like what you see?

We’ve often found businesses going to market with one broad line of messaging that they know works to some extent. This could have been based on your personal sales experience speaking to your initial / early customers but there’s so much opportunity being missed out on from tailoring your message to your most active users. Discover who your customer really is.

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"With ongoing help and support from Nexo we have been able to take our e-commerce market share from strength to strength. We had big ambitions and Nexo have enabled us to exceed them"
Shayne Adams



We're Different

Our results-focused approach is, among others:

Agile approach

As a startup you want to move fast and not be wasteful which is how we run ads. Ler us make the best use of your budget

Bespoke Creativity

We’ll highlight your business for its unique solution in our creative way.

Proven in market

We’ll get straight to the customer so there’s no waiting around for expensive research that doesn’t ring true with live customers.

On demand

Switch on with us when you like, pause when you need. Monthly rolling contracts give you that freedom.

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