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About us

We believe great ideas shouldn't go to waste on the back of a beer mat.

We are a lean marketing studio working with select startups to help you learn from paid ads so you can grow faster.

We’re confident in our approach, having lived through the start up experience ourselves. The culture is subsequently woven into the fabric of our studio and we’re dedicated to getting the tangible results we know you're searching for. We’re proud of the campaigns we create that drive stellar metrics and are selective in who we work with to ensure we can give your business the attention an early stage company needs.

This flexible “on-demand” approach treds a different path to one traditional agencies take, having our own share of experience in not feeling like the value scales are tipped in our favour. Nexo Studio retains the breadth of competency you would expect from an agency, meaning you can expertly test all the appropriate channels without being tied into the large commitments and setup times you would with in-house staff or minimum length agency contracts.

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Hey! Thanks for messaging us. We're glad you've done the right thing and reached out to accelerate your growth. Our team will be in touch within a few hours to discuss how we might get your campaign off the ground. In the meantime, it'd make for a far more interesting call if you could share some more information about your goals and mission here.

We hope this is a good fit so we can join you on your growth journey!
Now hold tight while we weigh up the formula to pour on your fire,
The Nexo Studio Team
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Alex went above and beyond when he was brought in to help the Shift brand. He and his team were able to help from the large scale out of home campaigns all the way to helping us to grow our conversion rate. I couldn't recommend him and his team enough!"
Jon Cull

Marketing Manager


We're Different

More of what you get working with us

Dedicated Team

Our lean studio setup allows us to dedicate the time of a seasoned copywriter and designer as your startup needs.

Flexible Approach

We react to the feedback we get in market meaning we can quickly switch style to find results.

Built for Speed

We’re only interested in helping you grow at the pace you need to serve more amazed customers and investors.

Designed for early-stage

We’ll get in the raft with you while you’re figuring out where the paddle is. We’ve done it before and love this part of the journey.

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